Lost Between The Trees.

Test Shot: Jennah Bell

Hilliard Center, Chicago, Illinois, 1964
(Bertrand Goldberg)

Jang Hyun Han (MFA 2013)

When I came into 2014, I set a goal for myself, that by the close of this year, I’d be in a better position going out than I was going in.

I’ve let myself down a bit so far. Still with the same job, still floating around in Los Angeles, still not doing anything to make my situation better. I’ve spent entirely too much time talking and not doing, too much time distracting myself from the hard work at hand.

This isn’t a post to get down on myself, but just to say it aloud that I’m not doing enough; it’s to also recognize that the year isn’t up, that there’s still time for me to do what I want to do. I accomplished a lot over the last seven-eight months, but you can’t progress and get by off what you did before, you progress off of what you’re doing now.

I still have time. I’m a bit nervous, a bit afraid, but I know I can get it together. I just have to give it everything.


Finally have Internet again. So many things to catch up on.


koen lybaert.
abstract n° 440. 2012.

I’m not near a computer and can’t write some long winded reflection on life or anything but I’m 23 today and happy. Just moved to Glendale and have today off. Great day.


Cody Cobb