Lost Between The Trees.

Marco Basta - Rains (2011) - Inkjet print & pearl pigment on various papers

"A Sketch of the Whole Complicated Subject of Universal History" by R. H. Quaytman.  
This print is part of our most recent Library Council publication, produced by the artist and The Grenfell Press to benefit the Library and Archives of The Museum of Modern Art. 
Each print in the edition of 26, lettered a-z, accompanies a leather-bound, deluxe copy of Tom Tit Tot, by Susan Howe and R.H. Quaytman. You can see Susan Howe and Quaytman in conversation with the editor of our Library Council publications, May Castleberry, at this year’s New York Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1. They are the keynote presentation of the 7th Annual Contemporary Artists’ Books Conference. 

Museo Provincial de Arqueología y Bellas Artes de Zamora, 1993-96 Tuñón + Mansilla

Abstract Pattern Of Pebble Leather

Nimischiiuskataau (Fire That Shakes the Ground), acrylic, pigment transfer on canvas, 30 x 46 inches, hbt08-46, 2008Available for Purchase HERE

unbenannt by Goiz C.G. on Flickr.

intacct // vallee duhamel